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Chapter 3
Beautiful lovely gold:

All throughout the evening, Nyoko stayed with Kikami that tried to clay out the form, but she couldn't learn this power as fast as the "Dragons fire" cast. She had the power in a ball deep in her mind but couldn't use her mind to form the energy into the animal.

It was the afternoon; still no sign of the power, and Nyoko had to get back to the cave realizing what time it was. "I need to head back, like I said before, stay here and don't create too loud of a noise."

Kikami nodded and went back to work figuring out the spell on her own. While Nyoko left as she changed back into her wolf form once more running into the forest, it made Kikami more tempted to learn the morph spell but after an hour passed by, she gave up and stomped in the house built by her dragon friend and headed for the living room to forget about it. "Man! How am I going to get this morph spell learned in three days!?" She pouted while she sat on the chair in thought. She decided to forget the spell for now as she laid back and relaxed.

When in a comfortable spot, something caught her attention. She could hear some sort of creature scratching and crying outside of her door. Opening the door, she glanced at a strange looking lemur creature. "Hello, and what are you?" looking down at it, the animal with a small piece of meat in its mouth, looked like it was mixed with a fox and a lemur with a long ringed tail and furry long black fox ears. It was mostly gray and black. Its eyes were aqua color and it had a blue gem in the middle of its forehead.
It ran in as it hid in the corner protecting the meat. Wolves started to howl in the distance, having Kikami look outside seeing their eyes in the forest. Wolves, here on this planet? I'm not on Earth right? She quickly shut the door looking back at the creature in the house seeing it battered and hurt while with the meat, hissing at Kikami in the corner. "What happened to you? Those wolves are mad at you for some reason." The creature growled at Kikami thinking she would hurt him like the wolves, putting the meat down ready to hiss again. "So that's why those wolves were after you. You stole food from them." She then brought more food out for him to eat. The creature relaxed seeing the water and food place on the floor just for him. "I wonder what you are. Maybe Nyoko can tell me."

She left the creature alone to lessen its stress seeing it slowly crawl to the food she left for him. Kikami relaxed back down on the chair that was starting to become her favorite spot in the whole house. She could glance out the large bay windows seeing the wolves were gone. Just then, still looking outside, she had seen a shadow of a dragon in the sky pass the house. Thinking it was Nyoko she got up off the chair and opened the side door five steps away from where she lied. Seeing only the tail left from the glance she took off flying and followed but still wary, following from afar. The dragon, that was clearly not Nyoko from the male figure, flew far. The scene below changed from a forest ground to a rocky mountain landscape. Stopped in midair, the dragon looked round and dove below bottom of the mountain that had an opening seeing two guards watching the entrance while the other yellow dragon passed by them with ease. Now Kikami had been warned not to sneak into the cave that Nyoko lived in, but she was interested in the cave so took her chances. She got to the cave but far enough away, so the guards couldn't spot her.

She dropped down hiding behind the edge of the forest, she whispered, "Nyoko must sneak in and out as a small mouse! Being a wolf would still be too large to get passed them without them questioning. They're keeping this mountain well-guarded!" She replied also seeing dragons around the mountain. Sneaking around the side, she spotted an opening into the mountain between the two dragons. The dragons started to get a whiff of a strange smell that caught their attention but Kikami snuck around the guards before they looked behind as Kikami entered into the darkness. "That was too easy!" She looked back seeing the dragons still sniffing the air in confusion. She walked farther in the cave seeing nothing extraordinary about it until she started to glance up ahead and saw light. Once there, the light blinded her eyes having her cover them while she looked down seeing she was on a cliff and at the bottom laid a city inside the large mountain. There were Nelia dragons walking all around this city.

Remembering what Nyoko said, being the daughter of the queen and King, she knew what home Nyoko lived in. In the back of the city, a paved gold castle stood. She looked around before heading to her destination; she saw a hidden cave leading to the castle in the back. "Mmm this must be a hidden tunnel Nyoko uses to get out of the cave." She said as she walked into the small cave but big enough for a small dragon. She ended up on the other side of the layer looking at the designs carved into the gold on the castle. She saw an opened window and took her chance flying inside finding out that it was Nyoko's room. Not only was the outside paved with gold, the walls, Nyoko's bed, and even her doors were made out of gold. While Kikami looked around in amazement, someone was coming in the room. Kikami hid until seeing the dragon she knew well and came out of her hiding place.

Nyoko jumped in fright. She backed up to the opened door and shut it quickly. "What in heavens are you doing here Kikami?! If my mother finds that you're here, your dead meat!" Nyoko cried locking the door behind her.

"Don't worry, I have everything under control." Kikami remarked as she smiled drooling slightly from all the gold. "Wow! This room is big and filled with GOLD!

Nyoko replied as she stumbled across her room. "Well what did you expect, I'm a Dragon, I have to have the room big enough for me and I have to sleep with gold." She nervously spoke out getting to the window and shutting it and closing the golden curtains. "That's the only thing that us dragons like to sleep on." She said pointing at the gold she had as her bed.

"SO! How much Gold do you have in this huge castle of yours?"

"About," Nyoko paused looking all around the room, "I don't know, it's all over the place." She complained. "You have to get out of here Kikami!"

Kikami then replies, "First tell me this, how is this place hidden inside this mountain?!"

Nyoko sat down but not getting too comfortable. She explained, "This Mountain was hand made by my people. We carved a tunnel and made a large cave hidden inside. This is the largest mountain that could fit the rest of the Nelias."

Kikami was in awe on how a dragon race made such a thing inside a mountain. She walked around the room feeling the gold and looking at the craftsmanship of the designs that formed into dragons and other animals around the wall and door frame. Kikami turned to look to Nyoko asking yet another question remembering she had seen some wolves in the surrounding forest by the house. "And how come there are Earth animals on this planet? I've seen a wolf pass by the house. I thought you said that we were not on planet Earth?" She ended not mentioning the creature that ran inside the house saving that for her next question.

Nyoko kept her eyes and ears opened for any dragons coming up the stairs. She peeked out the window at times becoming extremely nervous that Kikami was here in the castle. "Well. Long ago man started to send their animals over to this planet to re populate the species that were going extinct. They were also going to move out of planet Earth, or fly south as you could say to this planet to live, while the planet Earth restored itself."

Kikami nodded her head walking back over to Nyoko away from the large golden doors. As she seen Nyoko close the window curtains, Kikami was about ask yet another question about the little critter that rushed in the home. But someone interrupted their conversation.

"Princes?" A guard called out trying to open the locked door. "What are you doing in there?"

"UH, hide Kikami!" Nyoko cried pushing Kikami into a closet. "Yes, what is it?"

"The Queen wants you." He replied still behind the door.

"Okay, I'll be right out." She shouted then peeked in the closet. "Kikami stay here, don't get out of this closet."

Kikami nodded as she was shoved into the large closet filled with knick knacks of skulls and things Nyoko have found lying around on the planet. Nyoko went down to her mother while Kikami tried to keep quiet. Nyoko flew down as fast as she could in order to hurry things up. Into the room where her mother stood, she looked nervous with her dragon arms behind her back while on her back legs looking at a picture of her husband. "Yes mother, what is it?" Nyoko huffed and puffed in question trying to catch her breath.

"Remember the time when your father died?" Mother silently said lowering her head.

Replying her he mothers disturbing question, she turned her long head the other away sadly and gave an answer, "Mom, I don't want to talk about that."

"I know, but it seems like we're getting nowhere. I'm feeling like a bird in a cage living inside this Mountain in fear. War will soon break out and we need to take action. We need strong dragons to fight. I want to find the enemies hidden city and attack with force before they find us. This hiding is a death sentence for us. If they find our layer, we're trapped." Her mother then turned around facing Nyoko on all fours making the ground rubble. "I want you to seek out strong Nelia dragons to fight for our tribe." The Queen walked over to her daughter. "You are getting older and I want you to start acting like a queen and stop playing around, hiding on me all the time! You are now old enough to make your own decisions."

"Does that mean I can go out of the city limits like the soldiers?" Nyoko grew very excited when she heard, "make your own decisions".

"Her mother sighed and stood behind her daughter. "I cannot stop you from going out."

Nyoko whispered and was just about to leave the room. "Yes!"

Her mother replied soon after hearing her whisper, "But…you must promise me you won't fight in the war!"

Nyoko turned back to her mother and gave a slight whimper, "But I want to help, I want to fight for my tribe, and will die for them!"

"You will NOT be involved in this war!"

Giving her mother a large sigh and whipping her tail in frustration, Nyoko agreed not to fight. "Alright mother, for you, I won't fight in the war."  

"Good, now every male dragon is waiting for you outside of the castle. Find the best dragons for the job." Her mother replied not realizing Nyoko had her fingers crossed behind her back.

Nyoko nodded her head and aloft outside. She had forgotten one thing; Kikami still was hiding in the closet in her room. Seeing large sums of male dragons, some too old, some too young, she." As she was giving a lecture to them asking each one why they would be a great soldier, there was another dilemma that was about to unfold in the castle. A dragon maid came in to clean Nyoko's room.

"Wow! She even has her own maid!"  Kikami thought still in the closet filled with Nyokos knick knacks peeking through the middle crack. She watched the maid cleaning bits and pieces from in the room. Kikami backed up slightly hoping the maid would not venture over to the closet.

As Kikami hid from the maid, outside, Nyoko gathered all the troops that were a bit too young to fight. Nyoko then asked one of the young dragons, "Why do you feel that you should go out in battle?"

The youngster called out, "I have the will to fight until the end and I am quick to my feet."

Nyoko sighed, not liking how this child was on the list to be in the war. He was the youngest of the young dragons there, about 500 years old, the rest of the younger dragons that were lined up away from the adult dragons were 1,000 years old; still too young but old enough to join the war.

"I'm afraid that you are too young to go forth in this war." Nyoko sighed putting her dragon hand on his shoulder. Seeing the young dragon lower his head once her words spoken to him she replied reassuring him. "But you have an even larger task for this battle. You need to keep your sisters and brothers safe from our enemies while we go and fight for you. That's an even larger mission then fighting in the war." Nyoko smiled seeing the boy perk up.

Back at the room, the housemaid came across the closet unlocked. The dragon grew curious seeing it opened and not locked this time. Nyoko hid the fact that she kept objects from the outside and kept it in the spare small room that she threw Kikami in. Kikami saw the shadow of the dragon and was getting nervous and breathing more heavily. The dragon opened the doors of the closet and seen Nyoko's secret, her trinkets all in a row on the wall neatly arranged.

"OH MY!" The dragoness screeched out, "What is princes Neila-regina-Nyoko doing with all of this?! That girl is going to get in into a lot of trouble if her mother finds out about these items from the outside." The dragoness shut the door, and left it the way it was not locking it. Kikami was on the ceiling with her arms and legs holding her up so she wouldn't fall. Her knees shaking and buckled and she almost fell to the floor until she cast a levitation spell in her mind inches away from the ground.
The maid left keeping her mouth shut form what she had found in her room Kikami, once she was quietly on the ground, finely had her chance to sneak out of the closet. Kikami then headed down the golden stairs, looking all around in shock. Not only Nyoko's room was filled with gold, the whole inside was covered with the bright gold. Even the picture frames were gold. Some parts in the stairway that Kikami was on have designs in the gold going all the way down to the first floor. She glanced out a large window showing the field in the back and saw Nyoko outside with dragons.

The Nelia Soldiers looked like all the other dragons, white and yellow but they had red striped painted all over their body. Silver silk covered their necks that had two strings on each side of the head. It also had blue at the bottom and on the tip of the strings. The silk was so strong that it protected them from bites when attacked. The only week spot on a dragon was their neck. Everywhere else was armored with strong scales but dragons have to move their necks, making the scales a lot softer. The males seem to have horns that curve towards their snout, as the female's horns were striate back. Horns ranged in different sizes. The older ones had longer and less white and more of a light gray and the younger ones had white smaller horns.  

"I gotta get down there. I can't believe that she forgot about me."

Suddenly, a dragon guard with a staff started walking down the stairs. Hearing and feeling the thumps of the dragon's presents, Kikami ran all the way down the stairs and hid under the stairs in the dark just in time before the dragon ventured down. But dragons have a good sense of smell. He smelt human sent close by but yet a different smell then human. The guard walked all the way down the stairs smelling it as strong as ever. He sniffed over where Kikami hid under the stairs and looked right at her as she hid in the darkness. The guards also had the armor on their necks but no red stripes all over their body. He tilted his head smelling something that wasn't there.

"Oh shoot!"  Kikami thought trying not to move or breathe.

The dragon nose was now one foot away from her. He felt the warm air from her breath and the smell got stronger. She put her hands on her mouth to stop her warm breath from detection but the dragon suddenly held his breath and blew out fire knowing that someone was there. Kikami ran out with her cape caught on fire from the attack having the dragon spot her. He grabbed Kikami by the leg and got a good look at her as he moved her close to his face.

"Uh, Hi?" She said nervously knowing she was in trouble.

"A HUMAN!" The guard yelled out dropping her leg and holding up his staff towards her in disgust yet trembling.

Not picking a fight, since this was Nyoko's tribe, Kikami put her hands up while the guard dragon pushed her along with his staff. They went to the bottom floor that they kept cells for intruders. This was the only room that wasn't paved with gold. More like rusted metal and cement. The dragon pushed her in the first cell that was available.

"I can explain, I'M NOT A HUMAN, I hate humans. I eat humans for lunch!" She cried as the guard walked away to tell his queen what he'd caught. "What am I saying?!"

There were bones looking like dragons lying beside a rotting bed. There was no light and no window in the jail Kikami was in. She could only stay right by the jail bars as she waited for Nyoko to come for her. She could blast down the bars, but she didn't want to get in more trouble with Nyoko's tribe.
Uh oh... Kikami is in trouble. XD the next chapter, sorry for the long wait. I wanted to add in all of the ref sheets for you all to get a good understanding on what the chars look like.


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